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Jazz Arranging & Composition Lessons

This is an idea I've not explored too much yet. In the past people have come to me with a composition that is semi complete or wanting to arrange/re-harmonise a Jazz standard for certain ensembles. These have traditionally been in a face to face setting and are usually 1 hour consultations and then the student disappears off to finish and we meet again to discuss the finished product. 

On reflection of this process, there is really no need for this to be done face to face, it can be done over email from opposite sides of the world in theory! So these consultation lessons will be available to anyone from anywhere!


How can you assist me with my work?

I specialise in Jazz arrangement and I can help with all facets of your work from basic things such as; Notation, Chord Symbols, Score Layout & instrumentation. To more advanced techniques such as; re-harmonisation, chord voicings, approach techniques (voice leading) and scoring for large Jazz ensemble. 


I can also help you with your composition techniques.  

How does it work?

We can get a dialogue going over email and you can send me your work so far (I use the latest edition of Sibelius, so scores in that format are useful, although I can work from pdfs), I'll go through it and send you some thoughts that you might want to implement. If any of these are new to you, then we can talk them through until you grasp the idea too.

Once you've gone away and worked on it we can repeat the process until you are satisfied with the end result. 

What's the big idea?

So what I've described above is a very personal service where we can work on the fine details of your work together until you are happy. It is my ultimate goal for this bit of the site to offer something more suited to those wanting the information in a broader way so they can go away and DIY. I'm currently looking into setting up some form of online studio where I can upload a Jazz arranging course for people to sign up to and study it in their own time and learning to arrange for themselves. 

This obviously takes time on my part to develop so I need to know if there is an interest for it out there. If you would be interested in that sort of thing then please get in touch!

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