Duncan Fraser is an award winning Jazz Trumpeter/Composer/Arranger & Educator based in the UK and working in and around London. Duncan has been active as a professional Jazz musician for over 10 years now, with a Big Band album to his name, a growing reputation as an Arranger & Orchestrator, two runs in London's West End with 'The Blues Brothers' under his belt as well as having performed hundreds of gigs with many bands, artists & touring shows.

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OK, now the 3rd person name dropping business is over, (although if you like that kind of thing then check out the Bio for "Clangs" galore!) here are my 'Top 3' things I'd like to share with you...

Gonna have to wait for COVID-19 to pass before this section gets any more action!

OK what is a VLOG?


You're 32 years old man! What are you doing with a VLOG?

Great, both valid questions, to an extent. Simply a VLOG is a video version of a BLOG. My version of a VLOG combines a video diary of interesting bits of my daily life as a Jazz musician that you might not otherwise get to experience from the outside, with some helpful (hopefully) practice tips, lessons and general Jazz based musings. Oh, and Cricket! 

I have been VLOG-ing for a while now and initially I started it for a few personal development reasons and to try and reach out and cultivate more of an audience for what I'm doing professionally. I've really enjoyed making them so far and have gained a lot from the experience, so come and join the 1000's of people who've viewed them and join my few hundred subscribers to never miss an episode. All you have to do is click on the YouTube button below. 

It's always nice to hear some exciting news at the moment, so here it is... I RECORDED A NEW ALBUM!

Just before Christmas I took 6 of my good friends into the studio and recorded an album. Check out the VLOG above to see some behind the scenes footage of the session. The recordings are off being mixed at the moment, so new music is on the way in spring 2021. To stay up to date on all developments with this project then why not subscribe to my mailing list below. You'll receive regular communications which will include progress updates, you'll also get downloads and exclusive freebies.