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Trumpet Lessons with me...

I have a roster of regular students whom I visit on weekdays in and around the St Albans area in Hertfordshire. These students have their lessons weekly and there is always an opportunity for a new student to join my roster if we can work out a time, just go ahead and ask

I also offer one off and less regular lessons to players, usually adults and University/college age students who are perhaps slightly more advanced and looking to take advice from more than one teacher or prepping for a gig/audition they have on the horizon. These are subject to my schedule, but we always manage to fit something in. 

I have in the past done some lessons online, via Skype/Facetime. I am happy to offer this if that is what you want. But in my own experience, things are much easier and work better for us both if we are in the same room. If this is really not possible then there are literally 1000's of amazing Trumpet teachers out there and I'm sure you can find one close to you that works, and if you still want to chat about Trumpet then just drop me an email and we can chat about all things Trumpet for free! If you really want to hear my thoughts on a subject then also check out my VLOG, there are often Trumpet/Jazz tips and lessons on there, and if what you want to know isn't covered then why not drop me a comment or an email and I can make a VLOG on that topic, I love hearing new content ideas!

My current roster covers students of all ages and abilities from beginners to advanced pupils studying for their grade 8 exams. Some play for fun, others like to take exams and pursue more serious aspects of the music. Some play Jazz, some don't. Whatever YOU want to get from playing the Trumpet I can help.

2019 Lesson Prices

30 Minutes - £20.00

45 Minutes - £30.00

60 Minutes - £40.00

For complete beginners who do not own an instrument yet, I have a few nearly new trumpets that you can rent for £30.00 per term inc. holidays

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