Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Duncan Fraser Big Band

Duncan Fraser Big Band The Duncan Fraser Big Band is an award winning 15 piece ensemble that has been in existence since late 2010 and were voted the best Jazz act of 2011 at the south west music awards. The band performs a repertoire of Jazz by composed by Duncan Fraser. In the instrumentation and the writing Duncan has veered away from the standard big band set up, as the band contains 3 Trumpets, 3 Trombones, 3 Saxes, Guitar, Piano, Double-Bass, Drums, Voice and Duncan on Flugelhorn, and most notably by using Voice as an instrumental part; the contemporary sound created is vibrant, powerful and original.

The Band features some of the most talented young musicians in the UK, with every member is under Duncan Fraser Big Bandthe age of 25, making this ensemble one of the few professional working groups with this twist. There are influences of Kenny Wheeler in the writing, though the songs clearly have a sound that is very much their own. The works range from fully scored Big Band soli sections to completely free improvisation sections.

In Late December 2011 the band recorded our debut album ("Dealing In Wheeler") with Esteem Records at Smokehouse Studios in London, which features 7 original compositions by Duncan. The Album is now mixed and Mastered and ready to be released in March 2012. You can pre-order your copy NOW HERE (insert link to esteem site). With Live performances lined up throughout the year 2012 looks to be a promising year for The Duncan Fraser Big Band, so check back to see when we are performing in your area.

The Duncan Fraser Big Band:

Duncan Fraser Big Band Duncan Fraser Big Band Duncan Fraser - Flugelhorn, Compositions
Jess Thandi - Voice

Simon Marsh - Alto Saxophone
Sam Miles - Tenor/Soprano Saxohones
Chris Whiter - Baritone Saxohone

Rob Harvey - Trombone
Chris Burge - Trombone
Chris Valentine - Trombone

Duncan Fraser Big Band Duncan Fraser Big Band Louis Dowdeswell - Trumpet/Flugelhorn
Tom Gardner - Trumpet/Flugelhorn
Tom Dennis - Trumpet/Flugelhorn

Pete Elliot - Guitar
Chris Niell - Piano
Sandy Suchodolski - Double Bass
Tommy Claydon - Drums

Huw Thomas - Conductor